Intelligent workforce scheduling for businesses with fluctuating demand

Never overspend on labor again. Apply AI to anticipate the peaks and valleys of demand and schedule your teams accordingly.

"We knew there was a huge opportunity to drive efficiencies for our people..."

Don Barnes,

President, Belle Tire

The problem

Demand is not flat -- your team scheduling shouldn't be either

The variable, unpredictable demand of a service business makes it difficult to find the right balance of staffing. One hour you are understaffed, and the next you are overstaffed.

The solution

Intelligent demand forecasting and staffing recommendation engine

An intelligent staffing engine to improve employee utilization and reduce operating costs, leading to better business results.

Improved employee utilization

Schedule your people to be on the clock when there is work to be done, keeping them productive and engaged.

Reduced operating

Just an hour or two of labor efficiency per team each day adds up to significant operational savings every month.

Enhanced customer

With the right people on at the right time, you will be able to provide your customers the experience they deserve.


Clear, accessible reporting makes the impact tangible and intuitive for business leaders.

Happier Employees

Increased Customer Retention

Better Business Results

Case study

How Belle Tire saved 14% on hourly
labor costs.

Belle Tire sensed they were typically over staffing but were unable to forecast when it would occur. They also noticed periods of customer wait times when they were under staffed. Using the Weave Workforce demand prediction and scheduling engine provided a step change of improvement in labor costs and profitability.

  • 14%

    Reduction in hourly
    labor costs

  • 2.1%

    Increase in same
    store sales

  • 75

    Maintained Net
    Promoter Score

  • 8.4%

    Increase in same
    store EBIDTA

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