Rock the Boat with AI – Moving Beyond Employee Scheduling Software

Currently, the vast majority of businesses are still using shift scheduling software for time and attendance that merely repeats past schedules. While that may work for some professions, if you are running a service-oriented business with unpredictable, fluctuating workload, this approach is fundamentally flawed.


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Let us show you how Weave Workforce can take your labor scheduling to the next level and enhance the fundamental operations of your business.
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Tips for Improved Employee Scheduling

As a business owner or manager, have you considered that each employee’s contributions could be optimized through improved shift scheduling? Their talents and energy could be used to greater potential if you truly understood their unique needs and had the right scheduling tools available.

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Going Beyond a Judgment-Based Forecasting Process

Many business decision makers use a form of judgment-based forecasting. They use their own subjective knowledge to set work schedules based on experience, intuition, and past behavior. While this method can prove effective in some situations, there are typically busy or slow periods that don’t align with one’s intuition and seem unpredictable.

Top 5 Ways to Enhance the Productivity of your Shop

Much like a team’s performance on the playing field, success and productivity in the workforce is driven by a few foundational factors. Encouraging employees to build on their strengths and work as a team towards a common goal can be easily achieved by implementing 5 principles.

Weave Workforce and Fixed Ops Pros Announce Strategic Partnership

Weave Workforce and Fixed Ops Pros have signed a partnership agreement to bring workforce optimization software to automotive dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. The Weave Workforce solution helps dealerships increase profit and productivity by applying AI-based workload forecasting and automated technician scheduling.

How can I stop understaffing?

You are aware that your business has chronic periods of being short staffed. Your employees are often rushed to assist customers at hand during peak hours, and customers frequently turn impatient due to long wait times or poor service. Now what? How do you go about fixing understaffing issues in a systematic, effective way without increasing the number of employees?

Why Am I Understaffing?

Often, understaffing is not a conscious decision by management but is instead caused by an inability to predict the peaks and valleys of demand. Staffing to the average customer flow does not account for sporadic peaks in demand. Stores that have fluctuating rush periods may inadvertently become understaffed during these sudden demand peaks.

Why Can’t I Get 5-star Reviews for My Business?

Negative employee interactions are often caused by a mismatch between the service to be rendered and the employees available to provide it. While staff members must of course be trained in positive customer interaction, even experienced staff members can leave customers with negative impressions when their skill set or capacity for workload is not adequately matched to the job requirement.

Knowing when to hire and when to stick with overtime

Building on the foundation of a clear view of productivity and a robust forecast, a business can truly optimize their workforce to fit the future workload. This will allow them to minimize excess labor costs from overtime when demand is high and avoid overstaffing when demand is low.

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John Larsen, Weave Workforce CEO, provides a brief interface overview of our AI-based employee scheduling software.

How Belle Tire saved 14% on hourly labor costs

Background Belle Tire is a family-owned tire retailer with over 100 locations across Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Indiana. In addition to selling tires, the company offers a variety of automotive repair services to customers. The President of Belle Tire, Don Barnes, sensed an opportunity to

Case study

How Belle Tire saved 14% on hourly labor costs

Belle Tire sensed they were typically over staffing but were unable to forecast when it would occur. They also noticed periods of customer wait times when they were under staffed. Using the Weave Workforce demand prediction and scheduling software provided a step change of improvement in labor costs and profitability. Read more…

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Let us show you how Weave Workforce can take your labor scheduling to the next
level and enhance the fundamental operations of your business.