About Us

About Us

We enable service businesses to anticipate fluctuating workload and schedule their workforce to match.
We apply the power of AI for greater productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.
To harmonize time needs of customers,
employees, and businesses.

Our core values

What We Believe


We hope for a better tomorrow, and want to play a role in building it. We aim to inspire a better way.


We treat everyone with respect, without exceptions. We embrace the value of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and approaches.


We are all in this together. We build meaningful relationships within our company and with our customers. We connect the dots.


We do the right things in the right way. We never compromise on our principles. We earn trust through consistent behaviors.


Weave Workforce is an RXA studio company

As a global leader in applied artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data science, RXA provides the backbone to our optimization, allowing Weave Workforce to offer proven solutions not addressed by standard workforce scheduling software. RXA has been designing applied artificial intelligence applications to help managers make smarter, faster decisions since 2016.

Jason Harper

Co-Founder and Chairman
Jason is founder and CEO of RXA, a leading applied artificial intelligence and data science company, and parent company of Weave Workforce.
Having earned an MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, Jason holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Economics.
Prior to founding RXA, Jason created and led the analytics practice at Ford Motor Company’s FordDirect, and the Marketing Intelligence Group at Omnicom Agency, Organic, Inc. Over the past 20 years, Jason has held analytics leadership positions at several advertising agencies and brands, and has worked across a variety of industries including retail, healthcare, automotive, hospitality, CPG, tech, and banking.
His innovative data science work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, MIT Technology review, Ad Age, and more.
Jason also currently serves as Board President for Summers-Knoll school, a national leader in progressive education and project-based learning, based in Ann Arbor, MI.

John Larsen

Co-Founder and CEO
John is co-founder and CEO of Weave Workforce and believes there is a better way to forecast, staff and schedule teams. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and Master’s Degrees in Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University.
John is also the founder of Yield Innovation, a boutique management consultancy helping businesses accelerate growth through robust innovation strategies. With Yield Innovation, he guided a late-stage startup through acquisition by a large enterprise, developed an organic growth strategy for a mid-size automotive supplier, and established financial modeling practices for the innovation department in a large utility.
Prior to his consulting engagements, John worked for nearly eighteen years at Ford Motor Company in a variety of global product- and business-strategy roles. Over half of his time at Ford was spent in Asia Pacific, growing local markets and strengthening joint venture relations. Applying his business acumen and intercultural expertise, John assembled several high-performing teams and built the global plan for Ford’s Mobility organization.
With previous experience in a variety of services businesses like retail, healthcare, and automotive maintenance, John understands the daily challenges of balancing a workforce with fluctuating demand.

Daniela Kister

Marketing Manager
Daniela is responsible for marketing and design at Weave Workforce. She has worked in automotive, consumer goods, education, healthcare and not-for-profit management on three different continents. This diverse experience enabled her to acquire a true understanding of how different industries require different approaches and that each customer has unique views and expectations.
She further brings a broad skill set to the team, having headed internal communications efforts, external marketing campaigns, public relations initiatives, website and social media management, as well as corporate identity development and brand management for small, medium and global organizations.

Jonathan Prantner

Chief Analytics Officer
Jonathan Prantner is chief analytics officer at Weave Workforce and RXA, Weave’s parent company. Along with Jason Harper, he is also a co-founder of RXA.
Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Michigan-Dearborn and a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics from Oregon State University, Jonathan’s approach to applied mathematics has pushed analytics to the limits for over two decades. His career has spanned educational research, automotive, CPG, travel, and healthcare, both on the client and agency side.
At RXA, he leads efforts surrounding applied artificial and machine learning, as well as integrating advanced analytics with Domo. This expertise is directly applied to his role at Weave Workforce, advancing our solution to a unique demand forecasting engine.
Jonathan is also a celebrated thought-leader and recipient of multiple data science patents.