Enhance service department profits while improving customer retention

You carefully manage how you schedule appointments, but have you considered how you schedule employees?

Open the door to significant productivity improvements. Let us show you how.

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Artificial Intelligence, real productivity

An efficient shop begins with an accurate forecast of hour-by-hour customer traffic. This foundation enables you to staff the team and schedule techs each day to maximize flagged hours over hours worked.

We help you see where customer service and productivity intersect with staffing, and then deliver both objectives. This ensures you provide the best possible experience for your customers without overspending.


How Belle Tire saved 14% on hourly labor costs

Belle Tire sensed they were typically over staffing but were unable to forecast when it would occur. They also noticed periods of customer wait times when they were under staffed. Using the Weave Workforce demand prediction and scheduling software provided a step change of improvement in labor costs and profitability. Read more…

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