Exploration Workshop

(upon qualification)
  • Two-hour expert-led workshop to explore AI-based workforce optimization
  • Application of our structured framework to your business-specific needs
  • Enables informed decision-making and business impact estimate
  • Pre-qualification done via Discovery Session (see below)


(one-time report)
  • Evaluation of data availability and connection to accessible sources
  • Assessment of relative impact of various factors on demand
  • Analysis of historical labor utilization and ideal staffing performance
  • Projected business impact of workforce optimization

Weave Pro Subscription

(monthly per team)
  • Continuous demand monitoring and AI forecasting
  • Ongoing algorithm-based workforce scheduling
  • Performance dashboards for consistent operational feedback
  • Convenient month-to-month subscription pricing for continued use of our workforce optimization software

Discovery Session

The Weave Workforce Discovery Session is a live introduction to our workforce optimization framework and joint assessment of the fit for your business. We will demonstrate how workforce optimization can reduce your labor costs while simultaneously enhancing customer experiences.

The Discovery Session serves as a pre-qualification tool for our complimentary, two-hour expert-led Weave Workforce Exploration Workshop, which explores in detail the benefits of AI-based workforce optimization for your specific business circumstances.

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session

Let us show you how Weave Workforce can take your labor scheduling to the next level and enhance the fundamental operations of your business.