Our labor scheduling software helps businesses to:

  • Save labor costs by reducing overstaffing
  • Reduce customer wait times due to being short-staffed
  • Create schedules that provide employees with a balanced workload
Intelligent labor scheduling optimization software
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We believe there is a better way

Leveraging the power of AI demand forecasting, we take the guesswork out of your labor scheduling

Our optimization software uses internal and external data to provide accurate demand forecasting and intelligent scheduling recommendations. This enables managers to staff employees when and where they are needed, making informed choices. Choices based on reliable analysis, not yesterday’s schedule.

Without Weave

Limited Forecasting

Demand forecast based only on sales history or prior schedules

Static Labor Scheduling

Template-based shift planning, disconnected from actual demand

Stale Shift Assignments

Habit-based shift assignments, unaware of changing needs

Unreliable Productivity Reporting

Limited, out-of-date or nonexistent productivity information

Customer Service Blind

No visibility of customer service implications

With Weave

Intelligent Demand Forecasting

AI-based forecasting, incorporating broad operational and external data

Dynamic Labor Scheduling

Algorithm-powered shift planning to match the demand forecast

Smart Shift Assignments

Algorithm-generated shift assignments based on manager preferences and employee productivity

Clear Productivity Reporting

Live, detailed productivity dashboard, including financial impact assessment

Transparent Customer Experience Impact

Relevant customer service tracking to drive a balanced performance assessment.

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AI Demand Forecasting

What is Weave Workforce?

An intelligent workforce optimization software to improve employee utilization and reduce labor costs, leading to better business results through increased employee engagement and productivity.


Reliable demand forecasting, based on the best internal and external data

Smart customer experience enhancement through labor scheduling optimization


Robust staffing mix and capacity optimization, with location-specific role-level recommendations

Boosting employee engagement and productivity through AI-based demand forecasting


Intelligent labor scheduling, harmonized with demand and integrated with existing processes

Intelligent labor scheduling optimization software

Industries Served

Weave Workforce provides AI-based employee scheduling software for service-oriented businesses. We currently focus on the following industries:


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Optimization Benefits

Weave intelligently matches your workforce to your workload, resulting in a ripple-effect of positive impact

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