Team Performance Metrics for NorthStar Care Community

The following metrics are tracked in the Weave Workforce software interface to provide transparency into team performance and to enable ongoing operational improvements.


Productivity is used to quantify the effectiveness of productive effort. It is measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input. For the NorthStar call center, the primary output is the number of customer calls taken and the input is the number of employees on the clock:

Productivity = Customer Calls / Employee Hour

When this metric goes below a certain level, this is an indication that not enough calls are coming in to keep the employees on the clock busy. This shows the location is likely overstaffed during this specific time of low productivity. The target values for this metric are:

PCC >= 6 Calls/Hr
RN >= 2 Calls/Hr

On the dashboard and charts, the score shown is a % of the time periods (30 minute increments) where performance does not meet the target. These time periods will also be counted as overstaffed.

Customer Experience

Many factors can influence a customer’s experience with NorthStar’s service. A dominant one that is impacted by employee scheduling is call wait time. This is the period of time between when the customer’s call is answered and when they are able to speak with a representative.

The internal targets for call wait time are as follows:

PCC <= 1 min
RN <= 5 mins

The Customer Experience score shown in Weave reflects the percentage of time periods (30 minute increments) where performance exceeds these thresholds. This will also indicate time periods that appear to be understaffed, as there are not enough employees to field the incoming calls on time.