Workforce Management

Workforce Management – What It Is and How It Works

Workforce management software is certainly a valuable tool for any organization. Those businesses that deal with fluctuating demand will benefit the most from AI-powered software, as the superior prediction models generated by AI truly improve business operations — for business owners, customers, and employees.

Using AI to Forecast Future Business Demand

Seeing Past Today: A Data-Driven View of Future Demand

It is understandable that for many businesses the challenge lies in accurately “anticipating what’s next” – and then being able to implement real-time adjustments (…) So how does one actually make its business operations “data-driven and dynamic”? As daunting as big words like “artificial intelligence”, “algorithm”, and “predictive modeling” may seem, their application is less intimidating than one would think.

Woman Choosing Staff

What is Ideal Staffing?

There are several possible priorities to consider when optimizing a workforce, like customer experience, employee experience, and cost savings. Because it is impossible to maximize all three at the same time, it is important to understand each of these dimensions, including their benefits and tradeoffs, in order to strike the right balance for your company.

Keyboard with Overtime Button

Sometimes, Overtime is Necessary – Schedule it Wisely

If each team member’s work time is matched to their ability and availability, productivity will be high and your customers will feel well taken care of. And what’s more, by ensuring that everyone’s preferences are taken into consideration, your employees will feel valued and function as a harmonious team.

Weave Workforce and Belle Tire Logos

Weave Workforce Testimonial Video by our Customer Belle Tire

Belle Tire is a family-owned tire retailer with over 100 locations across Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Indiana, that was looking to improve staffing in its retail locations. Watch this video and hear Don Barnes, President of Belle Tire, describe in his own words the impact Weave Workforce had across the entire Belle Tire organization.

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Is It Time to Update your Demand Forecasting Tools?

Learning about the ways AI-based forecasting can improve the world today is certainly a worthwhile investment of time, particularly if your business deals with fluctuating demand. AI is peeking into the future in all sorts of markets – and if there is a prediction to be made, chances are, AI will make it more accurately than a human can.

Data Analytics

How External Data Will Strengthen Your Demand Forecast

External data covers factors that affect demand but that are not directly related to your operations and that you typically have no influence on. These are factors like weather, economic conditions, holidays, or, like we have witnessed over the past year, a global pandemic.

AI and Human Hand Touching

Artificial Intelligence – To Be or Not to Be

Particularly service businesses can benefit greatly from the power of AI. While most business owners and managers have some sort of idea how their upcoming customer demand will fluctuate, few truly know and none are fully prepared when things suddenly deviate from past performance.

Happy Employees using Weave Workforce

Weave Workforce Product Video

Curious about the benefits Weave Workforce can provide for different types of businesses? We have a video to explain!

Clock and Piggy Bank

Time is Money

For service businesses, there are few constants when it comes to forecasting workload because everything depends on seemingly unpredictable customer flow. The result is scheduling based on one-dimensional historical views, hoping for a repeat of customer flow. Not only is this method ineffective, it is also inefficient.

Intern Video Series Good Reasons

Good Reasons

During the Winter 2020/2021 semester, a group of smart, talented interns joined Weave Workforce to learn about our product and operations. While the students gained valuable insights into the business world and AI-powered prediction and scheduling software, we gained a team that did an amazing job supporting our marketing efforts.

Binders and HR Schedules

How to Reduce Overtime

Can you imagine going back to paper calendars and landlines? Technology has advanced so much that these cumbersome business practices seem almost laughable. A similar revolution is now emerging for employee scheduling.

A Hut in Water

Avoid the Hut

Workload demand prediction and employee scheduling utilizing applied AI has just emerged in recent years. The capability to predict demand and assign schedules that meet this demand is nearly an impossible task for a human. However, employing software to aid in the process makes this challenge manageable.

Office Workers with face masks back at work

A Guide to Returning to the Office After Working from Home

2020 was an emotionally taxing year for all of us. Whether your employees retained full time employment, experienced periods of furlough, or were laid off completely, the entire work culture changed. Just as the initial adjustment to working from home was stressful, returning to the office will also be a challenging adjustment.

Weave Workforce Joins CDK Global Partner Program

The integration brings the benefits of labor optimization to dealership service departments. Taking into consideration each dealership’s unique business parameters, AI-powered Weave Workforce software maximizes proficiency by increasing productivity and efficiency on the shop floor.

Rock the Boat with AI – Moving Beyond Employee Scheduling Software

Currently, the vast majority of businesses are still using shift scheduling software for time and attendance that merely repeats past schedules. While that may work for some professions, if you are running a service-oriented business with unpredictable, fluctuating workload, this approach is fundamentally flawed.

Person Using Cookie Cutter

Tips for Improved Employee Scheduling

As a business owner or manager, have you considered that each employee’s contributions could be optimized through improved shift scheduling? Their talents and energy could be used to greater potential if you truly understood their unique needs and had the right scheduling tools available.

Team Performance Metrics

Team Performance Metrics for NorthStar Care Community The following metrics are tracked in the Weave Workforce software interface to provide transparency into team performance and to enable ongoing operational improvements. Productivity Productivity is used to quantify the effectiveness of productive effort. It is measured in


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Going Beyond a Judgment-Based Forecasting Process

Many business decision makers use a form of judgment-based forecasting. They use their own subjective knowledge to set work schedules based on experience, intuition, and past behavior. While this method can prove effective in some situations, there are typically busy or slow periods that don’t align with one’s intuition and seem unpredictable.


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