RXA Launches Weave Workforce to Provide AI-based Workforce Optimization

RXA Launches Weave Workforce to Provide AI-based Workforce Optimization


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RXA, the leader in applied artificial intelligence, advanced data science, and analytics allowing companies to make smarter, faster decisions, announced today the establishment of Weave Workforce LLC, an RXA studio company. Weave Workforce is designed to help service businesses address the persistent challenges of aligning employee schedules to fluctuating demand by customers – especially in these times of unprecedented uncertainty.

In addition to the launch of the new company, RXA today announced it has appointed John Larsen as the co-founder and CEO of the RXA-run entity.

Weave Workforce will leverage RXA’s Workforce Optimization product and will continue to build on the intelligent demand forecasting and staffing engine. Establishing Weave Workforce as a separate entity will allow the solution to scale and adapt to additional customers and markets, with a focus on those with highly variable demand. The product has been used previously by Belle Tire to improve same store profitability by over 8% and a large pharmaceutical retailer to identify $24M in annual labor savings.

“Since we began using RXA’s Workforce Optimization solution, we have been able to accurately forecast demand, our employees are better utilized and our customers are consistently receiving the attention they need in the storefront. We were able to reinvest capital that was saved from reduced labor costs back into our employees. Workforce Optimization has improved our business and I am excited to see how it develops as a separate entity,” said Don Barnes III, president, Belle Tire.

The appointment of John Larsen as co-founder and CEO of Weave Workforce lends experienced leadership to guide company growth. He is currently the founder of Yield Innovation, which helps companies identify and validate new business opportunities. Prior to Yield Innovation, Larsen held a variety of strategy and operations responsibilities at Ford Motor Company, including exploration and launch of new mobility businesses and partnerships. He also brings experience from the types of industries Weave Workforce will serve, including automotive maintenance, healthcare and retail.

“Weave Workforce is the first company to come out of the RXA Studio business model and with John as a leader, we are ready to capitalize on the opportunity it presents,” said Jason Harper, CEO, RXA. “The establishment of Weave allows a tighter focus on the development and sales of the product and was made possible by the success of the RXA Workforce Optimization application.”

“For a service business, labor is their most valuable resource but also the most challenging to schedule given the variability of demand. This is particularly acute right now with the unprecedented impact of COVID-19,” says Larsen. “The new entity will weave together a company’s internal data, human experience, and external data to provide AI-based forecasting, staffing, and workforce scheduling.”

About Weave Workforce

Weave Workforce is a technology company applying artificial intelligence to harmonize employee schedules to the fluctuating demand of service businesses. They achieve this with an intelligent forecasting, staffing and scheduling engine that combines a company’s internal data with external signals and human intuition to provide simultaneous improvements in productivity and customer satisfaction. Weave Workforce is an RXA Studio company.

About RXA

RXA is a leading applied artificial intelligence and data science company founded in 2016 in Ann Arbor, MI. RXA has a diverse portfolio of services and solutions such as being a leading Domo implementation and consulting firm, customized artificial intelligence kick-start programs, and an RXA Studio to support the development of new products, companies, and proprietary solutions such as Media Optimization, Voice of Customer, and Workforce Optimization to help organizations improve their ROI and decision making while streamlining operations. RXA’s solutions are currently being leveraged by over 70 different customers across North America, Europe, and Asia. RXA has been awarded “Rising Star,” “Innovative Partner of the Year,” and “Application of the Year” by Domo, Inc.

Source: Cision


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Let us show you how Weave Workforce can take your labor scheduling to the next level and enhance the fundamental operations of your business.